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Related post: Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 16:04:09 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase lolitas colegialas galleries anal McPhee Subject: OLuFsEN & 15yo japanese lolita bbs SONs 19The story below is a hot lolitas model pic work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to lolita sun bbs stats real people, alive or lola nude y o in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then pink tiny lolita pics you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%OLuFsEN & SONs 19 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"So, if you two are interested?" Erik throws Patrick's and Joaquin's way, the offer of a job at Erik-Gef Industries."Oh we're interested," Patrick spoke up as did the frame of his bod, leaning into the doorframe. "At least I am."Right away Joaquin adds his vote of confidence, "Me too.""I thought pre lolita art models you would be interested."Patrick, excited and all voiced opinion, "Are you kidding? Eight bucks an hour for delivering mail?""Plus medical?" Joaquin joined in the review of the job Erik just offered at Erik-Gef Industries."And wow! A chance to go to college?""And we don't have to pay a cent?" Joaquin joined in Patrick's joyful moment."I`m glad you`re interested," kinder lolitas free bbs Erik replies with glee, happy to lolita underage lolita rape see Joaquin and Patrick excited over his offer. Throwing in a bit of humor, making jest, "But maybe you should think it through twice Patrick? preteen hardcore lolitas bbs After all, what's the arcades going to do without sweet lil lolitas pictures 'Fool The Guesser'?"Both teens giggle, Patrick picking up the slack, "Forget the arcades. I hated working there anyway..." but he amends his view, "except for when little kids tried tricking me!"And as he mentions 'little kids', Zack and Jase come prancing naked lolitas girl photos down the stairs."I thought underaged russian lolita girls you two were sound asleep?" their dads ask.The two little bare-chested boys approach the kitchen table. Zack represents the two, "We're just checking lolita sun girls bbs to make sure our guardian letters are signed.""I have them right here," Erik turns the two instrument forms around to face them."School trip?" Patrick asks."No," Erik replies, "seems like the Olufsen household is ready to be livened up with some music ringing throughout the hallways."Then a conversation filled the kitchen table enclave, Patrick and Joaquin doing most of the conversing while Erik gathered a couple of glasses of milk and napkins of chocolate chip cookies, one a piece."Thanks dad!" The little naughty naked lolitas two chipperly responded."You're welcome," Their dad said. He smiled.They smiled back.Erik was already beginning to build some new memories since the death of his wife. Matter of fact, all thoughts pertaining to her had seemed to vanish from his mind and he only dwelt on the here and now. If free loli cp jpeg their musical careers took off, he would treasure this moment of when Jase and Zack got their start. If not, it still would be a fond memory. After the conversation died down, cookies disappeared and milk glasses emptied, Erik ordered the boys upstairs.The boys requested something they hadn't touched base on for lolita dream teenies top awhile, "Dad, could you read us a story?"Thinking ten-thirty p.m. kind of late young tiny lolita pussy for an eight and nine-year-old to be up, it being a school night. Dismissing the idea, he said 'yes' instead, adding it to the memory bank. When he got to free lolita porn videos the top of the stairs Erik stepped back down three, bent down and yelled to Patrick and Joaquin, "Work starts at nine in lolita pic post thumbs the morning. Meet Mr. Timeson there at nine thirty. I'll tell him to expect you.""You got it," Patrick answered for both.Joaquin thanked him, Patrick adding the same.%Right after Jay planted a sweet high school teens lolita kiss on Terron's lips, after bowling him over on the sofa, he expected something along the teen model lolitas cum lines of a returned gesture."Jay, are you sure we should wait until tomorrow to call Sean?"It's the second time Terron broke off the trail of affection, so Jay thought if he expected to get beyond first base he better do something about it. "Would it make you feel better if I called him now?"It was an understatement, Terron's attitude picking up, "Yeah-yeah-yeah," he said in rapid succession.So it went, Terron staring Jay down as he dialed the number, greeted Sean, fired some questions over the phone and then listened."What'd he say?" Terron interrogated his lover right after hanging up the landline phone."Well!" Jay started out, ready to give Terron an earful. "Seems what happened is `not' quite the way your brother explained it to us.""How's that go?" Terron asks, his face showing a great interest in getting to the bottom of all this."The way `it goes`..." Jay began picking his words, "the truth being, free young lolitas pics your dear brother is the one who broke off whatever they had started.""Huh? Dario? But he said Sean was like setting him up and...""Look," Jay tried a roundabout way of explanation. At the time, the two lay, Jay his back to the free lolitta teen pic sofa, Terron's back lying on his front, Jay's arms around Terron's front, strumming the hairy and smooth lolitas collection 16 yo parts of Terron's bod, lolli pre teen world "how 2 loli loli gallery much do you think Dario loves you?""Loves me? He's like always been there for me. He's always said he will be there for me. I think I said the same to him." And after a short moment of thought, "Yeah, I think Dare really likes me a lot.""Not just `like', Terron. Dare adores you, loves you, maybe even more than `I' love you.""Really?" And then it occurs to Terron, "But Dare can't love me more than you love me. Him and me are brothers. You and me are lovers.""But that's the thing, Terron." Trying to phrase his words correctly, he could only think of one way of saying it, "Terron, Dare loves you as much as if young lolita pic model he were your lover too.""But he can't be my lover and brother too?""Technically, it would russian lolita pussy pics be wrong, but today there's a lot of tradition thrown out the window. But that's not the entire case here. lolitas young nn xxx I think Dare's cared for naughty preteen lolita pics you, grew deeply in love with you because there was no other person to take care of you. I'm no shrink but I can firmly say the reason Sean wasn't here when we got home is because Dare didn't want him here, didn't say all the right things to make him feel comfortable and in essence, drove him away.""I'm still confused.""It's not one of the things in life which is easy to understand."Then, bellowing out loud and boisterous they hear, "Everyday seven takes of the same old scene," Dario twirls his shirt on his finger, "Seems we're bound by the laws... the same routine....oops!" He stops a sec to see his shirt fly off his fingertip and zip off iligal lolita kids bbs in some direction. Shrugging his shoulders he continues to the sofa, parking his ass down next to Terron. Obviously drunk, he places his arm around his brother and sings to him as if a committed lover, "I hate this part right here," he strums his fingers down his brother's hairy chest, following the trail to his navel, "I hate this part right he-e-e-ere... I just can't take your tears..."Intently, Terron throws Dario's arm off from around his neck, presses his bod up from dark lolitas juguete sexual the sofa and resituates himself closer to Jay. And in an oath of allegiance, or lack thereof, "Dare, you can't be in love with me!"Still in a high strung, jubilant mode, Dario replies, "Of course I little red hot lolitas love you bro!"To keep Dario from literally embracing him, Terron put his hand out like a stop sign and stopped his bro from approach."Huh?" Dario said, looking down at nude lolita models russia his barechest, at the hand pressed into the light hair covering. Then backing off he asks, "What's this about bro?" And when Terron didn't answer in a second, "Jay?""This is between you two," Jay replies. "Um, I think I'll catch a shower before beddie-bye!" He kissed Terron on the side legal preteen underage lolita of the face before departing. "Don't take long, hon," he left Terron with.But right now, except for their earlier conversation, only one thing was on Terron's mind. "Why did you make Sean go away?""Why did I? Sean? What tha? How did you know what Sean...."Terron answered with a vengeance, "Jay said you `made' Sean go away!"It seems the reality of the free lolita model series situation made Dario sober up real quick. "Wait! How would Jay know anything of about Sean and me?""Because," and rather leave Jay with the whole responsibility, "we called Sean tonight and he said it wasn't `his' fault. nude mdels lolita fresh He said, you said you couldn't start littles preteens pussy lolitas anything because you had to take care of me." And entwining the previous conversation with his lover, his own material, "You can't love me like Jay loves me. You're my brother.... Not my lover. I got somebody else to take care of me now, so you can go find somebody to love for yourself."It was blunt and to the point, not that Terron meant it in a derogatory way. On the contrary he deeply loved his bro and lolita nude teen tgp didn't mean to make it sound like anything which hurt him. And normally Dario would not take it as such, but being he had a few too many to drink tonight, instead of thinking it `cute' and smiling, he fell back into the sofa. Instead of human flesh to hold he hugged a sofa pillow, burying his face up to his nose in it. His only comment was along the lines of an insult, "Well!"After several seconds Terron felt calm now that he `got it out'. Slowly, his rigid exterior began to crumble. His sloping shoulders gave way to his stomach crunching into little lines, hiding his bellyhole, the ripples of his thin young lolita gallery tummy-trail gathering in folds. His eyebrows turned sharply as he sensed something lolita girls underage models he couldn't recall hearing from his brother, in modern times, a few sniffles. Crawling lolita underage erotic stories cautiously along the sofa he pulled the pillow away. "Dare? Are you.... like okay?"When he looked up, that face would make anyone feel depressed. "I... I don't teen loli cartoon hentia know."As if by lolita bbs cp pics osmosis, one feeling what the other one felt, the tears dripping down his twin brother's cheeks became a mirrored image, Terron feeling his brother's pain. And taking the initiative, something Terron didn't do much with his brother on his own little lolitas 8 yo initiative, he embraced Dario, lolita bbs great bbs their chests slapping together in shock me preteen lolita a bear hug.%After tucking Jase in, Erik nude asian lolita models quietly drew the covers up over Zack. Leaving the two sleeping lads, he closed the door to their room, leaving it inches ajar. Turning, he listened for any sounds coming from downstairs. With none he headed to his own room. After another uneventful undressing, Erik brushed teeth and headed for bed. "Ahhhhhhhh," he sighed, his bod sinking into the mattress, his head cradled in the pillow. Reaching for his nightly reading of Bill O'Reilly's the lolita top 100 book, he set it lolita nude very young on his chest. He smiled when the corner of the book poked him in the left nip, readjusting it. "Hmm, felt good!" He joked to himself out loud, giggling. That one little jab made him forget about reading. Instead he closed it up and lay it on the night table. As he went for the light, the phone rang. "Who would be calling at this hour of the..." but he picked up before rounding out his thought, "Hello? Jalan? Oh no, you're not calling too late."As it went, the two got it over with, lolita thumbnails young bbs easy chat over how each was feeling when Jalan mentions, "Actually I'm feeling kind of horny!"Erik wasn't exactly, but the mention of it, coupled with his free hand sliding down his bod, made him so! "Oh really? And what brought this on?""Could be," he formed his words with care, "the thoughts of how good a time we had when you came for a visit the other day?""Am I detecting maybe you preteen preteen lolita nudist miss me?" Erik played along."In more ways than you know!"Erik couldn't believe the way Jalan was coming lolita sex pree teen on to him, but he liked lolicon little red backpack it! Then a wild thought, of how he'd really like having a warm mouth taking care of what his hand was holding right now, stoked him into asking, "Well if Aunt Rose sweet 18 lolitas nude is watching the boys, maybe you would pre lolitas sexy babe be topless lolita teen toplist interesting in coming over for a midnight snack?"Suddenly the free dutch lolitas nudes doorbell rang."I'll call you back!" Hanging up the phone and hustling out of bed he couldn't believe that at eleven fifty-eight in the evening somebody was ringing the legal nymphet teen loli doorbell. Slipping his arms into his bathrobe he tied the belt into a light knot, just enough to keep the robe from slipping open showing his all. "Dammit!" he said to himself, thinking of having to hang up on a hot ticket right in loli little girl suck the middle of seemingly finalizing an agreement. But was he surprised when he opened the door. "Jalan? But I just.... On nude little lolita bbs the phone?""I was already in my car." He points his thumb over his shoulder, "Right outside your gate."Erik was too stunned to reply or couldn't think of a reaction."I see you are all ready for me?"Still in la-la-land, Erik at least thought enough to invite Jalan in.Jalan's actions started telling more than words could ever, as his hands went right to the knot of the bathrobe. His lips were on Erik's shoulders as Jalan's hands began to disrobe him. It didn't seem fair, Erik feeling lolita family nudists naturists up clothing while Jalan's hands massaged his skin."I think it would be more appropriate if we carried this further in a more suitable environment?"Bending over to grab his bathrobe off of the floor, he couldn't see Jalan licking his lips with uncontrolled desire to tongue-massage the blond-covered ass!"Nice place," Jalan said on the way to the staircase, but really he was thinking, `nice ass'!Thanks. Someday I'll give you the royal tour.However right now, the only tour of Jalan's interest was the space between Erik's sheets.Closing the door, Erik turned around to find Jalan fully unbuttoned down to his belt buckle. "You move fast!""Not fast enough."Erik laughed, feeling up Jalan's crotch, "I'd say not!" Instead of messing around, his arms went right inside Jalan's shirt, forcibly pushing his shirt back over loli lolita lo ru his shoulders, revealing the dark-haired pecs, the trail cutting his abs in half."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jalan bellowed out when uncensored 3d loli photos Erik went for his right nip, finger and thumb teasing the left one.Taking five - five seconds - Erik says, "One of your hot spots I take it?"Right now neither was in control, Jalan's hand on the top of Erik's head, pushing down towards his right, red pec. "More please?"Erik's answer was cupping his lips tightly, squeezing Jalan's nip mercilessly in the fold. And to find out exactly how much Jalan was enjoying it, Erik's free hand, the one not tweaking the left nip, reached downwards. He put Jalan in second heaven, taking both cocks, which by now resembled hard wood, together and gently stroked.To Erik's surprise, Jalan stopped him.Looking up Erik wondered why, at least his dark studio russian lolita face painted a portrait of wanting to 7 to 17 lolitas know."Not too much. I don't think I can last long, Erik."So opting out of the nip-tasting and sweet models loli child nip-tugging, coupled with the double hand job, Erik went for the belt, unbuckling as nonnude lolita bra models he kissed Jalan. Fortunately, being a man he knew how it went, since Jalan's hands had woven in between his arms and bod, hugging him. Hands fiddled around, slowly unbuttoning the fastened lolita xxx porn little pants, zipped slowly depressed. Erik didn't have to do much, the pants falling right down. But instead bb ls lolita paradise of pulling down the briefs, he reached right in and helped himself.A declared `top', Erik lost charge of the situation, allowing Jalan to turn him around as if dancing. He stopped short of Erik's butt falling to the bed.Feeling the side of the bed on the lolitas russian preeteen galery back of his legs there was no place else to go but `down'. And, even though he had already felt up Jalan's package, Erik felt saliva kicking up in his mouth as he watched Jalan slowly lift his briefs from his hips.Pulling them down to the sides, Jalan put an evil grin on his face when the front of index of preteen lolita his briefs got stuck on little lolita baby ex the `hook'."Looks like you're needing some help there?" When Erik pulled the front of Jalan's briefs down, his 9.5c popped up, the head hitting him in nearly dead-center lolita littles in swimsuit in the navel, bouncing back down. "Spring-loaded?" And then joking, he pulled Jalan's cock down again, watching it bounce up. "Bouncy, bouncy!""Why little lolita tits tgp don't you do something else with it?""Um," Erik hesitated. In past relationships usually he lay down and let the other guy handle the oral part.Then, as if he was reading Erik's mind, Jalan says, "I know you are," meaning Erik a top. He went to work kicking his sneakers off, stepping on one nude loli lolitas heaven side of his jeans-laced briefs and removing them."C'mere!" Erik said, not giving Jalan the chance to breather as Erik clasped Jalan's melons in his hands."Huh?" Jalan said with surprise, but hastily changed his tune free lolita naturalist pictures when Erik bent his bod down, lolita free homemade movies taking the sword in his mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he sang out loud, feeling Erik's softness surround his shaft.To Erik's surprise it tasted good! He only tasted cock once before, when he and Gef were teens, trying out a nonude loli young girls 69 when the brothers determined both were gay. "Not bad," he said, coming up for a breather."You preteen lolita kidz index are not a bad cocksucker!" Jalan complimented."Thanks." Then lying back on the bed, his hand grasped Jalan's wrist, pulling him over on top of him. "Your turn!"He was playing around before, maybe testing Erik, seeing if he was rightfully a play partner who could do more than preteen lolitas nude gallery lie there in bed and allow the other guy - himself - tongue worship him. And as their chests slapped together, "I have a confession to make, Erik.""Your madly in love with me?"Erik was joking. It's something he didn't mean for either of them to take seriously. It was the farthest thing free virgin girl lolitas from Jalan's thoughts. Yet since Erik made mention, the two were stunned by the comment, taking it seriously to say the least.Looking deeply into each other's eyes, suddenly Jalan smiled.It made Erik smile."You are serious, aren't you?""Um," and then not sure, "maybe."The whole reason Jalan loloita preteen xxs models had been out stalking the Olufsen estate wasn't only because he was horny. Never in his life had he ever done lil lolas com nn something weird like stake out a man's home, called him from his car, which meant he `wanted' Erik and in such a short time he could not wait another day, hour or twenty minutes."Well?" Erik pressed him for his thoughts."Tonight I was very horny.""So you've already communicated?""No.""You're not horny.""No, I was horny. Still am. What I mean to say is I was thinking of you at home before I was horny.""Oh.""But met art lolita preteens them when I thought of you I got horny, but more than horny.""Hornier?" Erik put it, smiling."No. Seriously I wasn't horny when I started to lolita girls nude photography think about us.""Then you got horny?"Trying to find the correct way of putting it, Jalan couldn't find the words nor the right way of arranging them, so he resulted in showing Erik. With lip contact, Jalan went mad. So it seemed, as he caressed Erik, kissing him on the lips, the neck and as Erik repositioned his head on the pillow, Jalan held his wrists above his head as if in restraint."Oh yeaaaaaah!" Erik cried out when Jalan licked from just under his elbow, down to his armpit. He was starting to get just as 14 year nude lolita insane as Jalan, with tongue venturing past the armpit and onto his right pec.Communication resulted in Erik moaning lolicon little pre teens and groaning, Jalan hesitating at times, asking the silly question, "Feel good does it?"And sarcastically, Erik would nude littlelolitas pre teen reply, "No!"It only drove Jalan more wild, attacking Erik's chest."Oh fuck!" He yelled out when Jalan bit his left nip. Much to Erik's surprise, instead of lashing out because of the pain, the feeling shot right to his balls, causing his torso to take a leap."Yum!" Jalan called out before sliding down Erik's stomach. Doing more stimulation, he targeted Erik's bellyhole, his tongue diving right in."Oh fuck!" Erik said uncontrollably. He moaned even louder, eliciting pangs of pleasure and pain as his navel was being tongue-teased, Jalan's fingers working their evil magic on his nips, tugging and mashing them.If he could be inside Jalan's brain he would lolita nude young porn have been feeling his thoughts, Jalan thinking of much he was getting Erik emotionally wound up. Shortly, as his tongue rode down Erik's blond treasure trail, his hands slipped down in unison. Then, diving in between Erik's legs, Jalan's arms wove underneath, between sheet and thighs, using them as a catalyst to further reek havoc on Erik's emotional high as his mouth engulfed his hard shaft."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Erik shouted out again, this time with more gumption, more feeling in the attack of words as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Jalan's throat.This went on for sometime, frank langella lolita nude Jalan touching a lot of bases. In an hours time he had thoroughly driven Erik insane with pleasure, tongue-sucking cock, giving him a ball massage - each sac - tried getting both in at once and realizing he couldn't, worked under Erik's balls, back over the orbs and once again licked up the sides of Erik's 9.5c, toyed with his tongue on the underside of the cockhead, stabbed the slit a few times before going down on to his hairy pubes again."I'm.... not.... Going-to... last... long... Jalan!""No problem," he quickly returned, giving up his position, flopping down on his back in the bed right next to Erik. "I've got you all lubed up!"Erik turned to see the toothy smile on Jalan's face, but more inviting, the split legs and hands holding them up little virgin preteen lolitas in the air! "Now this is more like it," he announces as he kneels, wiggling his way around so that his enormous tiny teeny teenie lolitas erection is lolita sex news groups facing towards Jalan's port-hole."Make it hurt!""What?" Erik didn't think he heard correctly."Really shove it in there. Take me!"Erik's mentality was thinking somewhat along those lines. After all, Jalan had orally led him around in circles with emotion, tonguing here, tonguing there, sucking, feeling up his nips, toying with this and that and by now he was soooooo lolitas bbs dark collection horny, bent on only one thing; driving it home."Mmmm, tight!" he anxiously said as he put his fuck-tool up to Jalan's ass."Give it preteen lolita big tits to me hard!" And when Jalan said this he loli models preten tgp seemed to rock back further, allowing Erik total access."No problem!" Erik replies.And he didn't disappoint, lining his cock up once again, making sure it was totally lubed up, applying an additional amount of lube, his palm full of saliva. loli illegal top bbs To fulfill Jalan's wishes, plus satisfy his own lust his cock tip rested right at the entrance, but instead of a gentle entry, he held his cock in his hand, drew his torso back and all at once used his battering ram, shoving it in lolita model boys dark till his balls slapped against Jalan's ass! % Copyright 2009 T. Chase McPheeThis story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author. The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness!TCMcP.....
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